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Hello! I have been a glowforge user for a year and this is my first post to the forum! I would like someone to start a sub box for materials. Does anyone out here have the entrepreneurial spirit to begin? I don’t have this energy, but I would definitely buy one. I would love to try all sorts of new materials without searching the internet. Also, it would be helpful to have a label on each item with appropriate laser settings.
Now GO business people! And then let me know…


Good idea!

I once suggested that Glowforge start doing this with PG materials, but your idea allows for a lot more.

As for finding materials, you don’t have to search far. Check 1A:


Yes, I’ve ordered many things from all different sources depending on what I’m trying to do! I would just like a monthly “surprise.”

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Yeah I like the idea. Hopefully someone takes you up on it. :slight_smile:

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I just started an Etsy sight selling wood and acrylic with designs or customized…
If someone starts the board I would love to be added!!!

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I could be mistaken, but I think @chrisandrobwatson is talking about an actual subscription thing where you receive a physical box of various materials on a regular, probably monthly, basis…rather than a board/posting.


I would love this! I have subscribed to similar “mystery boxes” for yarn in the past and loved it. It would be great to get a mix of new things to try without having to buy them in bulk.


I like the idea and have thought of doing something like this, but I’m not sure how to make it cost effective. The time to get the wood, gas/mileage, milling it, shipping. The subscription box may be a tad expensive.


JPPlus has a similar subscription box idea, but they do sublimation materials. I never signed up because half the stuff in the boxes they put out each time I have no interest in… Like sequin pillows and coasters. But it would be fun to get a sample pack, like when I first bought the GF.

This is why I think GF is uniquely positioned to do it. They could have a monthly “limited run PG material pack” where they send what they consider to be like 25$ worth of whatever they scrape up.

They’ve got the logistics and storefront already setup to do it.


Yes, exactly!!!

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