Metal Business cards

You will most likely select “Use Uncertified Material” and just measure the thickness.

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Hi! Did you just place the business card directly on the bay/crumb tray?

I would say fastened down in some manner or they’ll slide about. Maybe not much but it doesn’t take much to throw off a burn. Just had one of six wooden boxes do this to me over the weekend. It didn’t slide much or far…but slide just a bit on the same side every time so that the entire piece ended up fanned out and about 15* off kilter by the time it finished.

I’ll post picks later.

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I used a little bit of tape held to the crumb tray.

Just a tip…I found using that a cricut mat (the sticky kind) works great to hold the cards. I can get 12plus at a time on a 12x12 mat.

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How long does it take you to do 12 of them? What are your settings?