Metallic contact paper (no PVC)

yes, you want to buy the 300 ft rolls. anything smaller gets way more expensive per SF.

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300’ rolls seem to be easily accessible in the US, but I can’t seem to find anything longer than 100’ on any Canadian sources. I can live with 100’, and every once in a while I can have a 300’ roll delivered to a relative in the US, then I can smuggle it into Canada under my armpits to avoid duty fees and taxes. No one has to know.

interesting. i’m really surprised no canadian sign making supply house has the larger rolls.

But it’s sticky paper :slight_smile:

More to the point, somewhat sticky…sticky when you want but not too sticky to come off easily.

But what’s crazy is the difference in price US to CA. That’s just nuts. It’s not like half the country doesn’t live within a 100 miles of the US. Sheesh. The Monty Python crew would be flinging it over the border with catapults :smiley:

Amazon drone delivery could have a field day with this…


Still cheaper to buy a 100ft roll from than to pay the exchange rate and shipping from Unfortunately though I haven’t seen a 300ft roll here in Canada.

I don’t think I’m 1/3 of the way thru the 100’ roll I bought two years ago, and that includes a couple of 4’ long passthru projects.

Most of my non-masked material projects are going to have some kind of surface work - sanding, coloring, whatever, so they don’t need masking. For flash-back, I just put them on something if that might be a concern (it usually isn’t.)

Edit- I just realized, kanukistan owners may not be using PG materials all that much. You may need more masking!


i’m on my second roll. i don’t think i’m a prolific forger, i work in spurts. but i mask a lot when i do.

and i don’t use a ton of PG.

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