Miniature gothic style windows

So the reason I dug up a raster to vector plugin for Photoshop that was easy to use is to make these! This was the thing that got me interested in a laser cutter. I love making miniature furniture, but some of it was way too complex for me… and the time spent at the motosaw in the lab, which is actually the back bedroom, in order to make these was daunting. Living in California means a small apartment and no house, so you make do with what ya got.

The “mirror” on these is clear plastic transparencies with mirror finish sprayed on the back. If you flick vinegar and water at a 50/50 mixture then spray you get this great aged look. I finished them with Citrus Shield clear wax because it smells so freaking good! The smaller mirror is about 3.5 inches across.



Ooooooo, really cool! The old-world colors and textures are amazing! Now, make a scale model of a gothic cathedral.


Very lovely! I like the bas-relief effect! :grinning:

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Awesome! I want to make a few pieces for a doll house … Not even thinking this elaborate. Very nice work!

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Well done. What is the raster to vector Photoshop plugin that you use?

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Nice work.

I made a post about it here! It works well and because it’s part of photoshop it does a lot of the step for you so you don’t have to do the whole raster to path to whatever.


Next step is some actual furniture, haha! this is a little room box I made since I work mostly in 1/6th(barbie size) and my apartment is too big for a proper doll house. I made the little table, sofa, window, and hutch from scratch. The book shelf started out life as a pencil tray and then I added stuff to it.


That is sooooooo amazing!

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Wow … thank you for sharing! Really nice!

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Your little room is adorable! The details are so realistic. I love it!

These are lovely!


Awesome thanks for sharing the mirror tip I love it all!

Just amazing!!

Are you selling the template? I would love to make this!

I’m happy to send the files to you if you want to try printing it. They were made in Photoshop so you’ll need to scale in the glowforge app.

Yes please!