Modular Sneezeguard System (check my work?)

This is meant to be a modular acrylic sneeze guard system; I’m working on it for my school. It’s made with panels of 0.118" acrylic that are 20" high and 12" wide. There are two sizes of feet to stabilize the panels, and three connector styles: an oval for joining panels as a longer flat surface, a circle for dividing a table into thirds, and a square for dividing a table into fourths.

I’m hoping the connectors will wedge into the panels snugly enough that no additional adhesive will be needed. Since this is the first project I’ve worked on in Inkscape, I would appreciate it if more experienced users could look this over and see if anything looks problematic. I might be making mistakes with kerf or something else! Thanks in advance!

Panel FeetConnectors


…I’m also not sure if I succeeded in uploading both .svg files

Try zipping it first and then drag and drop it onto a new line. I don’t think it loaded. :slightly_smiling_face:

They’re both there, just displaying really tiny.

It did load but it’s tiny:

If you edit and see where it says something like [image|12x11] - change that to say [image|120x110] and it’ll be big enough to see :slight_smile:

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Oh EXCELLENT. Haven’t uploaded a design here before either! :laughing:


Kind of you to share—thanks!

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The design looks solid. I do have some suggestions.

1st; unless you’re buying the sheets at 12x20 you won’t be able to cut that in the :glowforge: - the max cutting area is ~11.5x19.5 (it varies slightly by machine)

Kerf varies for every machine/piece of material so I’d definitely cut one set and make sure you have the right dimensions and enough counter-acting force to keep them standing. It looks like you do, but without testing…

Acrylic tends to split at hard corners. There is a tutorial on here about adding tiny curves to all your corners. First thing you’d have to change your items from objects to paths, and then modify the corners. This thread has links to instructions for different programs.

Stay safe!


Thank you! The plan is to buy the plexiglass in 3’ x 6’ sheets and cut it down to the 12" x 20" panels with an acrylic blade for a saw. I’ll look at the corner issue!

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Nice! You should post a picture of it assembled!