MORE Layered Geometric Panels ('s been a while)


I’m sitting here thinking “This is totally awesome. I need to try this out!” and “How on earth?!” at the same time. :slight_smile:


Oh wow! They are gorgeous!


Nicely done. Clearly, you spent some time on these.


i REALLY need to figure out how you’re doing this. panels look GREAT.


It’s a very manual, time-intensive process. I use Adobe Illustrator. I advise anyone trying to do this type of art to really familiarize yourself with the layers panel, the offset path tool, and the pathfinder tools. I can’t speak to the equivalents in any other design program.


ok so i’m not crazy and there’s no fast way. I’ve done a few things manually drawing everything with autocad. It is also very time consuming.


Awesome designs!! Just WOW!! Any plans to create some in acrylic and light them up?


Excellent idea. Well, now I have some additional ideas for when my GF arrives next week! :slight_smile:


Whew! I can’t believe they’re only avg 12 layers! They are amazing!


Incredible works !


Inspirational work!


Right?! I want to see the production process so bad!


Search the forum. I believe he showed us previously!

(use the search phrase “user:tmarsh86”)


That’s beautiful.


Wow!!! Love it.


Wow ñ! Congratulations! This is beatiful!k


Absolutely stunning work!


These are inspirational and amazing!


Those are incredible!


I have no words…:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️