More Proofgrade beta samples: walnut and cherry 1/8" plywood



You’ve really got this process down now, my friend. Great job! Your joy is well-deserved. I like how you put the name/logo discreetly in the bottom, inside. Thank you for showing all of this!


In case anyone is interested here is the video link. It’s posted above but for the good of the order.


Really enjoyed the showing of the process and comparisons to the different materials. :thumbsup:


Hard to tell which of the materials is better, but that is a really nice job. I caught your YouTube video on this earlier and appreciated the workflow details. Thanks for making the effort!


I’m definitely going to make one of these! It will be right next to my girlfriends candle corner. :laughing:


Is there clearcoat or anything like that on those? Or does that wood have that gorgeous look right out of the box?


I did nothing but stick it into to Glowforge, process it and then remove masking. It really is amazing stuff.


Amazing! What a timesaver!


Brilliant stuff! I think cherry is my favorite. Just lovely.


Thanks for posting these! Definitely helped me make some decisions =)


@marmak3261, those are beautiful. Stellar!!


These are so cool! I really like your design, and that living hinge! C’mon July!!!


Slightly off topic question about the proof grade plywood you’ve been using, is it sheets of wood (either the walnut/cherry) laminated together like Baltic birch plywood would be? Or is it more similar to a veneered plywood (layers of face veneer on standard pine/cheap plywood) or, a veneered hardboard (layer of face veneer on MDF-like core).

I can’t get a good look at any edges when they are all blackened from laser cutting :slight_smile: and the engraved portions seem a drastically different color from the surface but that could just be from the applied finish.


So is proofgrade consistent enough that you could do a kerfed curve instead of a live hinge?


Im not sure of the construction differences that you mentioned, but the plys are a thin layer of whatever material with a fiberboard (prob MDF) core.


Awesome Thanks!

FYI if you were interested, examples of what I was talking about

*edited to correct the link Thanks!


Could you verify the link?

Get a “Page Not Found”, but would like to read what you found.

EDIT: Found the problem - Remove the dash, but leave the slash.


Not sure what type but the core but it is of wood. It could be fir sandwiched between two pieces of veneer. The MDF core plywood was labeled MDF and I only had one sheet. Only three plies.

Might depend on the grain but you might be able to do a score or engrave with kerfs on one side and then curve the skin over with heat for sure. It’s pretty consistent core.


Really beautiful work!