More toys for my personal makerspace

So good to hear!

I gotta admit. This thing is pretty freaking cool. Didn’t take too long to set up; instructions weren’t 100% accurate. The sample PLA was a little tricky to load. But very cool!!! Thanks for enabling, y’all!



So cool!! That looks great and I’m glad to hear it went relatively smoothly. I’ve got my upgrade prints ready to go.
I’ve already received my PLA order grim Amazon, but the machine won’t be here until Friday. Kinda irked art them as they didn’t process my order as I payed using PayPal and they thought it was a security risk. That’s ok, but they didn’t send a conformation email until late the next day. It added several days to my order :cry:

That’s interesting because my purchase was initially declined. I immediately got a text from BofA asking if I had made the transaction. Saying yes allowed me to do it again. Sounds like the banks do not like Monoprice! Guessing they have a lot of chargebacks or fraud reports.


That is interesting! Mine didn’t come from a bank, came from an independent security group that I assumed was on the monospace end. I didn’t mind at all, just wish it didn’t take a full day to confirm the purchase

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The MP mini V2 is here! First obligatory print done.