Mr. Beam II


I really appreciate the enthusiasm and support everyone shows to us. I backed the Mr Beam II Kickstarter because I think it’s wonderful to have someone else working on affordable desktop lasers, and because I think it’ll be a cool addition to the Glowforge maker space (which also features a Carvey, and Othermill, a Form 2, a Makerbot, and lots more neat tools).

I applaud them for the work they’re doing and I encourage everyone here to do the same!


Glowforge shipping date, beta releases, and bonus materials
Glowforge shipping date, beta releases, and bonus materials

I think it’s really interesting that there is a lot of defense for the Glowforge when it hasn’t reached consumers hands yet. As per my naming comment, I think both names are a little ridiculous but find Mr. Beam to be easy confused with Mr. Bean. I just don’t want to see this conversation to devolve into something catty. I think there is value discussing the pros and cons of both and that this is a great place to do it. Obviously there might be some bias for the Glowforge here.


Yep, sure sounded like it. Defense for any possible buyers remorse from a lot of people.

However, I guess with good reason for that from what people have pointed out with the power of the laser, I do supposed that definitely having better tech will net a better result, even before having the unit in our hands.

The price is competitively the same. But with a lower power laser, there really is no point to pay almost the same money for less. $1000 less with air filter in comparison for the basic model, is worth a $1000 less in laser power after already deciding on the investment.

The design of the Mr Beam is a lot sleeker in some senses with a more industrial tech look to it while the GlowForge, although a stronger name, looks more soft and consumer home desktop printer like even though that is the intention. It’s definitely cooler to show off something that looks cooler, than to try and sell someone that the unseeming desktop machine is a powerfully cool personal laser cutter and engraver.

Aside from their kit model, being able to have the pro model ordered with a pass-through feature, is worth more than double the cost of the Mr Beam. Depending on how well it works, this basically opens up the restrictions and abilities you can have with GlowForge over time, even for a “home” use laser.

Bottom line, point for GlowForge in functionality, features, and value… point for Mr Beam for design. (It must have been the little mustache face on the laser head that got me…)

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Edit; didn’t know Dan backed them. OK, guess they can play, too, then.


The Mr Beam laser while lower power is a different wavelength. Anyone able to think of a reason this might be a benefit?


Let me preface this by saying first: please don’t interpret my jaded pessimism about Kickstarter as a direct reflection of the Mr. Beam or what they’re trying to accomplish. I really love the idea of what they’re trying to do, which is provide a cloud-based laser “thingamajig” that’s open for all. I would happily lend support to the OctoPrint community, but I’m not prepared to support the Beam Kickstarter with my wallet by making a purchase because of the value proposition tied to it. Regardless, barring any sudden scandals and their growing support, I think they could collect $2-3M.

If you’ll let me rephrase… I’d have about as much luck engraving a concrete block with a magnifying lens and the sun. I’m sure that at some level it’s working, but there’s a limit to the natural universe. :slight_smile: I still have a hard time forgiving Dan for the ‘3d laser printer’ thing… but I don’t expect him to put quarters into the Never Do That Again jar, either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Compared to stone and concrete, the GF is an engraver. Compared to 5 sheets of paper (1mm), the Beam is a cutter. I understand it doesn’t mean it’s not useful, but if I wanted to cut 5 sheets of paper I’d break out a pair of scissors or xacto-knife. I just don’t find the value worthwhile, as a cutter.


Shoot I missed that filament question. Was there a dogpile in the responses or was it merely a troll?


I kept waiting for a comedy bit routine to kick in… that guys accent is so hilariously stereotypical.


Now, that’s classy and just what I’ve come to expect from @dan!


I saw this and it looks like a great machine, well-polished, nice looking (and I like the local IP web interface), but the primary thing that struck me is the price vs. performance. There are other low power laser engravers out there for quite a bit less than this one.

If the Glowforge didn’t exist this would definitely be a top contender for my laser-dollars, though I would still be hesitant to go for the Mr. Beam, as the cost is high enough that I’d be thinking really hard about what I could actually produce with it down the road. It’s a nice looking machine, but if I can get most of the same capabilities for $800 from someone like Darkly Labs I think the $1500-2000 for the Mr. Beam is a tough pill to swallow.

All that said, I agree with @Dan that it’s great to see other well-thought out devices in the market. The more creative tools people have access to, the better!

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This accurately sums up a lot of my feelings. I think it’s neat, but gosh is it asking for a lot.


But it is very cheap shipping.

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Glowforge shipping date, beta releases, and bonus materials

I am a glowforge backer from Munich Germany and I am so looking forward to work with it.

Mr. Beam is also from Munich and I know the founders a bit. I have the feeling that they are really dedicated and competent and already proved that they can do it with their first kickstarter and only promise what they can deliver. They even shipped on time the last time (!) and went with a car around the US to deliver the Mr. Beam 1. Good German engineering ! (please no VW comments :-).

Now with the new model they gathered a bigger team and really worked on all the features that were missing in Mr. Beam 1 like an enclosure, camera, make it save to use in a makerspace with a key switch in the back and wifi enabled. They are doing this all without any venture funding as far as I know.

Also on the Mr. Beam kickstarter they say in the comments that the 5W shortwave laser diode they are using is 450nm which is more efficient then the Co2 tube with 10600nm. The reason for that is the absorption spectrum of the materials. Its good for organic materials (meaning pure wood, paper, cardboard, but not so good with MDF). This is the reason why we can cut plywood with only 5W while CO2 tubes need at least 30W+ for that. Need to make some research into that. If anybody knows more please help me out.

Also I like that the software is completely open source (:-)))!!) and that you do not need a internet connection to work with it.

For a backer living in Europe. If would have backed Mr. Beam II if it would have come out before Glowforge. The over 800 $ shipping cost plus 19% tax for the Glowforge for my pro model with airfilter is a lot of money. For the Mr. Beam II I could just pass by and collect it.

I just bought an Othermill and wont back Mr. Beam at the moment but I am looking forward to see the Glowforge besides Mr. Beam in my own kids fablab in Munich very soon. They are both great initiatives and I would love to bring the two teams together sometime here in Munich.


By the way, should have done this sooner - but changed the title of the post from “Glowforge clone?” to be more informative. (For the record, I don’t think they cloned us).


Every time I see the name “Mr Beam” all I can think of is this jingle:


Lust auf ne Selbsthilfegruppe in München? :wink:


Ja klar.


bin dabei :slight_smile:

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