Mr. Spock Leather Lunch Bag--WBBwL

You’ve got it now :slight_smile:

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And here she is on LinkedIn:


Wow, from her profile, she’s a really impressive woman!

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Not sure if it was a good idea to repost a persons full name and address on a public forum.

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Thank you so much, @nunzioc! That was incredibly thoughtful for you to do. Another member of the forum also sent me the same info last night, and I’m attempting to contact Ms. Fary this morning.

I also think @karaelena is correct–would you mind removing the comment with her full contact info on it, for Ms. Fary’s privacy’s sake?

Thanks again!

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while it is a little weird, that is all publically accessible information. That is why “private registration” is a good add-on to purchase when setting up your website!


Sure, of course–but especially in the age of doxing and online hostility toward women in tech/geekery, I’d just prefer not to publish her info. For me, it’s not a matter of what’s allowed or doable, but how I’d want to be treated.


I dunno; when you sign up to own a website, you are told very clearly that your info will be public and easily accessible.

And any tech geek with a smidge of experience knows that you can just look up that info (I just forgot about it until this morning), and she’s got the site listed on her linked in, so I wouldn’t think she’s uncomfortable with her info being public…

But, in the famous words of the Stable Boy: “As you wish.”



Thanks so much! :grin:

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FYI even if you get a licensing deal (or even free) from the artist, you still might need one from the owners of Star Trek. To get an idea, look into Disney and Mickey Mouse reproductions.

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Yep–I’m planning on it. Any sale of another person’s creations involve a LOT of research and negotiation. :slight_smile:


Just commenting on this older thread to say


(and also so new folks have the chance to check it out.)


Thanks! The bag is still holding up great, BTW–no degradation of the stitching or leather, after pretty much daily use.


Just getting through some old posts and I saw this I was wondering how is it holding up still?

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Yeah! It’s been used 2 to 5 days a week by a person who’s very hard on stuff, and its only problem is that a bit of the oxblood finish on the outer leather on the bottom corners has worn off, which would happen with any coated finish. The stitching is perfect, the structure is perfect, even the liner is holding up fine.