My first original design. 😁

Very appealing, and I like how the flowers and fence look nice even with the house removed.

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I really like it. The layered pieces are a mice touch too.

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Aww, so lovely! She’s going to love it. You did a really great job with this!

Would you be willing to share the file? Il love to make this for my daughter who is expecting her first baby!:two_hearts:

Hi @merrymurphy! FYI asking for files is against the rules here. If people want to share, their files will be posted in the Free Files section. :slight_smile:

You can see all the community guidelines here: FAQ - Glowforge Owners Forum

ok, whoops, my bad!


Just like software TOS, no one ever reads them until…:grin:

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I hope your friend was thrilled by this one of a kind design. Adorable!!! If you are going on Etsy, I’d modify it, so hers stays unique.