Mystery braid... is a mystery!


—Aim                       Reality—
You know how it is… you see something on Pinterest, want to have a go, get the leather cut out on the trusty GF workhorse and start with enthusiasm. Without any instructions, as the Pinterest link is broken. Let’s just say the top half is looking like the pic. The bottom half, well not so pretty.

Are there any leather workers out there that can give me pointers on how to make this five strand mystery braid a reality?



ROFL! Yeah, i had to link to a video for the ones I did - hang on…

The five strand is the lower vid.


Thanks Jules - I’ve done one of those, successfully too! This is a different weave though, rather than the herring bone in the vids.


Look for Youtube videos of them - there’s probably a demo for the different style somewhere out there.


I know there probably is, but I lost the will to live after 15 minutes of scrolling :scream: