Neil Gaiman Quote


I have, and there’s one (of many around here) that’s pretty close. One of these days…

I did mentor the high school robotics team at my daughters school (she was in middle school at the time, not on the team.) My electronics, radio control, and mechanical design background was useful.



Great Quote! Made one to sit on my desk. Thanks for the share.

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That looks great!

I’m still new to do, do you leave masking on when you engrave acrylic?



It’s not always necessary to leave it on the top, although leaving it on the bottom is usually a pretty good idea in case of flashback.

Word of warning though - the Proofgrade default settings assume that the masking is still in place, so it might burn a little deeper than intended if you remove it. I’d start with the masking on…it’s easy enough to remove later.