New wood choices for earring choices

I picked up 8 pieces of 1/8 x 3 x 24 at a local wood shop on my way home.

  1. bloodwood
    2)Canary wood
  2. Zebrawood
  3. Mahogany
  4. Walnut fig
  5. Lati
  6. Purpleheart
    8 Bocote

Maybe now I’ll finish up the earring file I keep putting off. :woman_facepalming:t4:. Such pretty colors.image


Nice spread. You’ll probably be interested in #6:


Very nice! And the earrings look lovely!


These are beautiful. Love that zebrawood!


Some pretty choices.


Beautiful wood. I wish I could pick up such beautiful wood on my way home. Alas, no one near me carries these beauties.


Curious as to what they charged for the micro lumber. And maybe the store’s name.

Also, here is a resource for all kinds of lumber. Thick, thin, micro-you name it. I’ve bought some stuff from them. I also have all the tools I need to cut it down to what I want… but some of you may find it useful. I have no relationship other than as an occasional customer.


A place called woodcraft. The 8 pieces of wood were approximately $10 each. Give or take, but they will sell easily at my markets and I’ll make my money back in no time.

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Thank you

Thank you very much

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Thanks so much

woodcraft is great if you want immediate gratification and are ok with their 3" width limitation. i still have some sheets i bought from them 3 yrs ago because i rarely need pieces that small.

cook is a good option, as is ocooch if you’re looking for wider pieces. i’ve bought 8-10" wide boards at 1/8 and 1/16 from ocooch in a bunch of different exotics.



Basically if it’s less than 5" wide I don’t even consider it anymore.

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i will if i have a specific use for it.

but you and i like making boxes with exotics, and a 3" wide piece makes for a tiny box. if you’re making earrings, you have a ton more flexibility.

I just bought from ocooch last week. I buy from them all the time. I’ve bought exotics from them as well. The earrings are from the wood I bought from them a while back. Thanks.

I know it well! I practically owned stock in the Hawaii store, I bought so much stuff there. Haven’t seen lumber like that at mine, but them I wasn’t looking.