Non-Americans getting Production Units?

when i lived in france this issue was discussed because i lived with a french-speaking woman from chile. she took umbrage that only people from the US are considered americans, and the term “les Etats-Unisiens” has popped up in french occasionally as a result.

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Gets even more challenging when you realize we aren’t the only United States, either.

true! tho most other places go by more pronounced alternate titles

no plan survives contact with the enemy” (Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke)

I agree that this is/was certainly the plan… but if they are unable to flood the USA Basic buyers with :glowforge: units then i find it hard to believe they are storing the X number to ship across all the UK, or Australian (for example) units.
@Dan has already (elsewhere) said that the cost of sending OS is a lot more expensive than they planned so it would not make sense for them to send individual units when they could ship a container to a Country or Forwarding Port and thence on to buyers.

I think that realistically they will do as many of the USA buyers first for reasons of ease, practicality and product control


I’m in no place to contradict the plan that they’ve stated.

FYI non-USA Purchasers

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Unfortunately international shipments are simply not as predictable as domestic. There’s nothing we can do to eliminate the chance that customs sits on the product for a month, for example.

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Understandable! I’m just praying that my unit or basically every international peeps get theres by the end of this year :slight_smile: haha

That only tends to happen with post. Couriers seem to get through customs very quickly if the documentation is correct.

Surprising how much package documentation gets through quickly when signed by celebrities: superman, Donald duck, and many others. I sure wasn’t putting my name on what was being sent. Not to mention too, the incomprehensible off-handed scribble.


Sydney, Australia
Basic Glowforge
Estimated Date: 1st March 2018 (a few weeks ago it was 27th March so it has moved forward in estimation)


My pro to the UK has been rock solid at Jan 24th. I won’t be home for any six week period before that anyway.


That’s pretty cool, be interested to see what your first projects are gonna be

Probably some elaborate contraption to vent out of a casement window.


Wow, my expected delivery date has blown out from March 1 to April 2nd.

Mine from March to May :scream:

Yeah, these are pretty extreme… more bad news coming one would expect

Me too, another one month delay.

still 7th february… germany / basic