Old engraving prints

I love old engravings and woodcuts and I can spend hours cleaning up images of them to burn. I got a little hot on the first one, but still like it. The one of Atlas holding the globe was really tough becasue so much of the fine line work was almost lost and I had to go in and draw in all the missing details. (The last image are the pics I started with.)


You can find the images here


Good choices. The rijksmuseum is a great source.

Some discussion about some other stuff there:


Yeah, I have so many sites lined up and I’m going to run out of hard drive space lol.


That Atlas one was particularly good choice. What material is that?


Well, I dunno. It was a package of “artist pallet board” I found for really cheap somewhere. It’s faced with a slightly reddish-veneer that kinda looks a bit like loose-grained oak, but it’s not. The interior is really super dense MDF that is almost impossible to cut through. The top pic with the skeleton is the same stuff, but it looks really washed out with the flash. I’ve had it sitting around for a few years becasue I haven’t been able to cut through it without bad charring, but it sure burns pretty and now I want to find more lol.

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These came out great! And from my favorite museum too! Many years ago my high school was 10 min walk from the Rijksmuseum, and with free student access, I spent many a spare hour wandering around in there.


I love your woodcut engravings! You certainly have an eye for what works well for lasering, and you’ve definitely got the best process nailed down.


Great job! Very striking pieces!

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