Old School Retro Arcade



Nice job, very inspiring :smile:


This really makes me wish I had more spare time!


Awesome production!
Thank you for the tips and pics!


That is unbelievable


Very cool! Nice work :slight_smile:


Did I miss a link to the dxf files?


I love seeing the design in sketch up.


Is the arcade cabinet still holding up durability wise? Has there been any design flaws that came up with time that needed a slight re-work? Like control angle or etc?


It’s held up quite nicely. There weren’t really any design issues that I encountered during assembly or after. I had built a larger 2-joystick desktop version a quite a few years back (PC Based) that I learned from. I guess the only thing is that the case could easily be designed so that it’s all glued together with no screws showing on the outside but I don’t mind it. One plan was to print vinyl graphics for the sides.


Are you interested in sharing files? I would love to make this for my kids. They need to experience what i did as a child


If you are not up for creating your own design from scratch, there are similar projects out there with published plans. For example:


I want one. This has been on my list of things to do, and you totally nailed it. 1 million thumbs up.