One Hundred Thousand

One of the things I have noticed through the years working with families, and also from my own family’s hospitalizations, patient advocacy is significant for health outcomes. In skilled nursing facilities and in hospitals, having a family or friend as a patient advocate is super important. I have nothing but admiration, respect and support for anyone in a professional health care role, however…

To wit: with the lock down of facilities, patient advocacy is sorely stretched. I am always concerned about the folks in facilities who have no family or friends to assist them to recovery and advocate for their care. It’s tough on family being excluded. It’s a detriment to the patient and the health care providers are missing an important component of the team, someone to encourage them, thank them, challenge them, and sympathize with them in their work.


My thoughts wandered to the loss of an entire town too. :fearful:


I’m so sorry.

I think the nursing home rule was an old one to prevent homes from giving away the persons room when they have to go to the hospital. The governor has since overruled it.

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First and foremost, thank you for posting but this picture of Neyland Stadium has to be the most “fake news” photo I have ever seen.

Neyland Stadium is HUGE and only about 7 miles away from my house. Since I am very aware of the size and knowing 100,000+ people can fill the stadium and 100,000+ Americans have died because of Covid-19 this is a new perspective. So sad.

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It looks like the same place to me, even the same event, just shot from a different angle through a fisheye lens.

What are you saying is fake about the first photo?

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The first photo does not show the true perspective of Neyland”s size in relation to the people who have died because of Covid-19. The photo has been altered and that is deceptive.

The OP more than likely does not know the photo they chose to post is an illusion.

If anyone has ever been to Neyland and they read 100,000 have past away due to Covid-19 instantly it will become real and very sobering.

Until I saw the OP’s post and the photo —-the Covid-19 deaths were just a number—— a number that I did not care about.

I now have a clear reference that I can compare to 100,000 deaths. This realization has taken my breath away and it makes me sad.

That appears to be a genuine photo, just using a special lens.


Yes. The clues are that visible at both sides on the bottom of the photo and the extreme upper left are parts of the structure of the luxury box from which the photo was taken. Even a panorama shot would not normally encompass the whole stadium because a regular focal length lens would cut off the top or bottom of the stadium. So the only two ways to get a shot from the luxury box that encompasses the whole stadium would be a) a composite of multiple panorama or normal shots; or b) a fisheye lens.

Of these the fisheye lens is the more accurate because of the distortion. Compositing multiple shots would require skewing the photo perspective to match up the edges of adjacent shots and result in more of a multi-faceted fly’s eye view. There would be no perspective from which such a composite would look natural.

On the other hand, the fisheye perspective is how all lenses work, including the human eye. Print the fisheye photo larger and hold it a few inches from your face and it will look natural as you move your gaze around it. This is, in fact, the basis of how VR rendering works.

For perspective, (see what I did there?) here are two photos I took from the same spot. The top one is a panoramic shot with a normal lens. The second one is a 180-degree shot taken with a VR camera.

Note that the ship’s rail is present at the left and right and although it actually curves and bows in behind me at the ends, in the photo it appears to bow out ahead of me. The issue is that the perspective is corrected in only one axis. Even in this very long shot all of the detail close to the boat is missing. I could have aimed the camera down and taken a second panorama but the perspective only gets worse stitching it together.

By comparison, either viewing the second photo in a VR headset or by printing large and holding it very close, all of the perspective is correct as the viewer pans around the image. The perspective is either “wrong” in all axes or “right” depending on the distance from which the image is viewed.

Getting back to the stadium photos, the only way it is visible in its entirety from within the structure is a fisheye lens and the only way it is visible in its entirety with “normal” perspective is the drone shot from a long distance. Neither of these is fake, they are just different perspectives. I won’t deny that fake news exists but there doesn’t seem to be any malicious intent or manipulation present in the posted photo. If I’m concerned about anything it is that the fake news drum beat has become so pervasive and so effective that it would be the plausible explanation here given that the real explanation is so banal.


Geez, it’s not ‘fake news’. Can we please stop throwing carp around. Keep your views to yourself. The worse thing about this picture is it is UT.


In my personal opinion when an altered photograph of a structure is submitted to the Internet that could be considered fake news or fake view.

If someone is unaware of the true representation of an object they will believe what they are viewing is correct.

In closing I am not going to keep my views or my opinions to myself. If you do want to read my posts —- block me.

The photo is not “altered.” It is literally impossible to take a photograph without using a camera lens. That image is presented exactly how a camera recorded it in that instant.

It also isn’t misleading, because it shows the same thing your pictures do: 100,000 people.

Can we please stay on topic here? Thank you, and be well.


The city I grew up in, which is maybe the 3rd or 4th largest in MA has just over 100,000 people. It’s heartbreaking.

It’s worrisome to me that it takes a picture of a stadium for folks to consider how many lives we have lost. They’re human beings. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children. How are there people who aren’t paying attention?


F-ham? I know it well. Crazy to think of it in those terms. :frowning:

Lowell, but not far. :slight_smile:

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