One-off positioning jig

Neither the camera nor the blank can move. The file has a border sized to exactly match the maximum working space - if the file moves even a pixel in the GUI, it will read as out of bounds. Finally, I’ll run a bounding box the size of the blank at minimum score power across its masking just to make sure, but don’t anticipate any problems.


Oh! Now I see the logic! Brilliant!


Wow amazing

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I find that scoring the holes will minimize tear out… might want to test that idea…


I’ll certainly check that out, thanks!

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Agreed - I’ve scored many a hole for drilling when doing stuff like this.

Nice woven technique too. I made picture frames with that method last year, used a mixture of walnut, paduk, purple heart and maple. They turned out good, although I wish I’d have made the curved cuts a little less drastic. I’m making a few more and I’m going for a flowing water look. Nothing to use the laser on, but all good fun never the less.

Post a pic once done - beautiful work thus far!


here is where it came in very handy… this is made from the Teak deck of the Battleship NJ. it has been in the weather for 75 years. after I remove the rot from the inch and 3/4 boards there is gold underneath. But scoring the holes was necessary to avoid tear out.


That teak is gorgeous!

I was on the IKE in 1983 when this photo was taken. It was really special to sail alongside naval history.


That’s a Beauty

Daaaaamn - that’s gorgeous, and more than I think any other project I can totally understand your stress about not mucking up the positioning!!