Our "Clean-Air-Optimized Garage Makerspace"

how often do you need to change the filter? I’m venting outside but need a alternative if neighbors ever complain

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we have only had the universal/bofa since january. our rep told us that, with regular usage, we would need to change the filters (there are two) every 12 months or so. total filter cost ~$200. but that would be with generally daily use, which we haven’t done. it’s taking some time to work models into our design/work process (an architecture firm) so we have only recently started using it more regularly.


that is very reasonable, I was dreading $200 a month filters if I ever had to vent inside. I plan on upgrading to a trotec soonish so I’d probably size one for a 60w laser

no, i think you’d have to be running pretty constantly and running some very dirty stuff to do that.

now, to be totally fair, i’m not 100% sure on those filter costs. i’m going off of memory when the rep trained us 7-8 months ago.

the BOFA has two filters. a bag filter for larger particles and a more traditional filter for finer particles.

My suggestion: LOTS more shelves for PG and other materials. :slight_smile:


It looks like you’ve got a great setup. Looking at your setup picture and description, it sounds like you’re using the Glowforge with the garage door open to help with ventilation. If that’s correct, my guess is exhaust fumes vented out the window are simple circulating back in through the open door. Even with the door closed and he Glowforge venting outside, please remember outside air is going to have to be pulled in somewhere as the Glowforge is pushing exhaust outside, so you don’t want the air inlet to be to close to the exhaust or you’ll just be pulling the exhaust back inside.


I have the JET version of that air filter that I purchase 3 years ago, but it’s still not hooked up. I really need to get my act together.

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One warning/caveat for the filters: HAVE THE SPARES ON HAND.

Spoken by someone who started a small fire inside the Universal at the makerspace when the HEPA filter stopped passing air for real. Something like a month of downtime before the replacements arrived.

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