Pastel Acrylic

I had someone ask me if I could make them a sign on pastel acrylic. They’d seen the material on an Etsy store. I’d like to find a better company to get some pastel acrylic from. Does anybody know a place? This is the link they found. I’m not sure I’m comfortable using Etsy for materials.

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There are quite a few companies offering pastel acrylic if you Google “pastel acrylic.” Check out Houston Acrylic, Cerulean Tides, and Little Sweet Pea Designs.


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All of the non-PG acrylic I’ve used comes from Johnson Plastics. Mentioned several times on the forum here, delivery was fast, they have a big selection, and it’s noted when the product is laser safe.


You’d be hard pressed to find better prices or quality than

I buy most of my acrylics from them.


That’s a great find! Their selection is pretty impressive, too. Thanks for the share!
Is there a particular material that’s your favorite or are you mostly buying more standard fare?


I’ve bought a lot of mirrored and “standard” solid color acrylics. Also the frosted and transparent stuff. The glitter acrylics are awesome too for holiday stuff. I love the red and green glitter, and the blue and purple are fun too (but fewer holidays for them).

I’ve been really happy with them and they just expanded their capabilities and updated their web site for ordering.

Oh, and look for their “misfit” pieces which are generally slightly damaged (scratches), but I’ve never had any issues using the whole sheet for what I wanted.

The standard 12x18 size doesn’t bother me but it might bother some people.


I purchase my acrylics from this company. I love this company and their acrylics.

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I have ordered from OPC Plastics but off of their website directly, not Etsy. They ship quickly and have some good colors.

2 Likes has a Pastel Acrylic variety pack.

When you’ve cut on them what settings did you use? The site said use the medium acrylic setting but did you need to adjust it much more than that?

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I use the settings Houston acrylic recommends. I have never had any trouble cutting their acrylics.

I did notice some of their acrylics have a double mask on them. I removed their masking and put on my own masking.

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