Pendulum Clock - Alice in Wonderland

I had that clock from thinkgeek at one point in my life. It was silver with blue lights. The blue wasn’t conducive for sleep. Not sure what happened to it though. It very could be in a time capsule. (One of the boxes in the garage)


I’m stealing this! It’s not stuff packed away never to be seen again that we should have gotten rid of, it’s time-capsule contents :smiley:


Ha! I peeked in a storage tub in my garage today, had no idea what was in it! Found some IR headphones that you would hook up to a TV or VCR, so you could hear without disturbance. From the late 90’s.


Looks awesome! Where did you buy the clock mechanism? I have some clock ideas I have come up with but I never know what mech to buy. Thanks and again, it looks awesome.

I have bought many from Amazon. Pendulum ones are just as common as those without.

I picked up a few from eBay many years ago, when Amazon didn’t have or was not competitive.

Edit - note that the pendulum mechanisms eat batteries if you don’t use the skimpy, no-weight ones they provide. They keep time well enough, but any extra weight will just hammer you on batteries. This is my experience.


My source is:


Thank you both very much!