Personal Companion Cube - Arduino and Raspberry Pi Compatible


Finally I got my glowforge so exited I made my first project in the same day I revived it extremely happy with results but to much disappointed from the software it is too much basic with the capitality of the printer is ther a way to digest changes for future update



If you’re referring to the GF UI (what you see at that’s only really intended to run a design that you create in another software package.

CNC machines (lasers like this are one kind of CNC) usually have 2 software applications they use - a CAD (computer aided design) and a CAM (computer assisted manufacturing) application. The GFUI is the CAM application. You need a CAD application for real design.

Check out Inkscape (free), Fusion 360 (free to small businesses & students) or Adobe Illustrator or Affinity (paid applications).

There are tutorials here in the forum for how to use these for designing projects for the GF laser.

Very nice first engrave though.


Pretty engrave!


That’s a great recommendation! Maybe I can put a slot for a piece of paper / manual for it.


OOO that would be VERY useful! Thanks!