Plain Hexagon Box

Is this only good for 1/8 thickness? Trying to use 3/8 inch to make a sturdy flower box. Just love how this box looks

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it’s a snug fit glowforge medium maple plywood
so if it is bigger you need to sand it. If it’s smaller you need to glue it :slight_smile:

I don’t need any boxes. None. And yet I keep making your box because it cuts so fast and fits together in such a satisfyingly snug way. Now I am making them in sizes.


What interesting materials! Would you care to comment please @dklgood?

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Ooo cool

Glad someone uses the template :blush: very cool prints!
I love them! Great work!

There is a thing going on with printed sheet stock. Lots of different suppliers are getting into the game of dressing up mdf, and now acrylic is also being sold with patterns printed on it. I am very bad at painting and have little patience for proper finishing, so I pay the extra for the material. I don’t bother to mask as they wipe clean. The items displayed came from Smokey Hill Designs PatternPly(TM) – Smokey Hill Designs and GS2 Awards Printed Sheet Stock.


Thank you for the design. I scaled it down and used it in a home decor project!


impressive! beautiful made!

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Does this style of box have a name?

  • Finger Joint
  • Stacked or Layered
  • Miter

How about Slat or Slat Tabbed?

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Thank you! I will give this away to teachers with their names on it for Christmas from the kids.

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So, I have been playing around with my Slat Box generator. I tried out a deluxe version of the Hex Box.

This was a quick print on 3mm birch ply no masking and just gobs of white spray paint.


Love the diamond decoration! Why didn’t i think of that :slight_smile:
Make sure you only use led light in that deluxe version!
Great work i love it!

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Love this! Not sure why this just popped up as it was 8 months ago, but it is so pretty, I am glad it did!


and @ellencadwell I’m glad this came up, too. I forgot I had downloaded the design a while back but had never made it. My new knitting station needs a tool holder, so:

I laid out the panels so they were engraved three at a time with a continuous pattern.

Silver spray paint over PG draftboard, then engraved. (forgot the bottom plate, derp!)


The pattern looks nice the way it flows around the edges unbroken.


That’s pretty! Great pattern on it!


Nice transition between the panels
Looks good!


Agreed. Smart layout.