Plywood coasters with simple holder

For anyone who wants to whip up some coasters quickly, I figured I’d share this. This file is for a simple coaster holder with an example coaster included, set up so you can plop in whatever you’d like to engrave and just go. The holder is sized to hold 4 coasters.

SVG file

The holder walls just fit snugly into the base. This is sized specifically for :proofgrade: medium maple plywood.

Here’s some pictures:

Engrave settings pictured are either:

Speed: 500
Power: 30
LPI: 270


Speed: 1000
Power: 60
LPI: 270

If you’d like the MSU files, just let me know :slight_smile:


Nice job with the coasters - GO GREEN! :sunglasses:

Well, thank you very much! It’s a lovely design.

There is probably a simple answer to this but it eludes me.
When I get the svg file listed above on my browser, how do I import it into Inkscape?

In Windows you just right click the mouse and “Save As”

Right click on the link and “save as”, as mentioned, or you may be able to just hit ctrl+s (or go to File -> Save) when you click the link and see it in the browser.

That works on Mac also. Thank you.


even though … GO DUCKS! :wink: (next year!)

Very nice, thank you!

Well, just an update - I noticed that some newer :proofgrade: Maple plywood is thinner than previous pieces have been (ever so slightly - hopefully this is to make it the same thickness as the other plywoods), so the file I shared may end up with slots that are too loose for you.

Huh! Missed this one. Very nice! :grinning:

I had to narrow the slots as mentioned.

Nice job with these! I’m a newbie, would love the sparty designs if the offer still stands?:grinning:

how do you set the slot sizing in inkscape?

Search around for Kerf adjustment in Inkscape or something similar, you’ll find some helpful documents shared from posts in the Tips category.

thank you, Ill do some research, i can’t seem to locate kerf in inkscape but have heard that said before so i will have to figure it out lol

Here it is - Inkscape - Adjusting for Kerf in your Design


THANK YOU very much.

Ok, so I just read this, and it answered my question of “inside, outside, or follow?” I’m still perplexed why we don’t have the option in the UI to specify that, but then, coming from the CNC world, I still don’t understand the lack of gcode.

Raw motor and power control codes are what the Glowforge gets from the cloud. I’m still baffled by that.