[POLL] The best material to laser is


My current favorite is MDF. I bought some I love working with. It’s cheap, it cuts easily, and you can do so much with the surface.


I really like plywood (especially Oak ply) as it is low in cost unlimited in scale and I can get it wet with alcohol and it does not warp. Proofgrade plywood just disintegrates as does the MDF so those arter at the bottom of my list. But I am liking hardwood more and more as I can get really nice finish to it, but still exploring the different colors and species.


Judging by the poll, I guess I need to give PG plywood a try finally. I’ve never even touched it yet.


Haha! Don’t think I’ve ever heard a more descriptive description! Love it!


Skunks don’t smell bad, it is just things that annoy them that smell bad. I had a friend that had a whole family of guard skunks that kept the bears, mountain lions, and bobcats from getting too nosey around her place.


I dunno, we’ve got a family of whiffy little darlings…we try to keep them out of the backyard since we can smell them when they come grubbing, and for the better part of the next day.


We can smell them even when they’re just strolling by at night. Nothing else smells quite like them.


I have seen them in the wild but never tangled with them, though I did have a dog thayt got hit twice the first time must have been from a ways off, but the second time I guess he figured it could not be worse and by the sound grabbed and shook it so I guess the skunk smelled as bad as the dog after that encounter. the next morning I tossed him in the lake and it left a ring around the lake.


when i was a kid, i worked one summer at a state park. we had a bunch of small animals that we took care of. one of them was a baby skunk that had its scent glands removed. it still smelled like skunk, just not horrific like if you got sprayed. but you could definitely smell it distinctly.


Acrylic for sure, but I need to find pre-finished Baltic birch or similar… I like Baltic birch but hate applying finish to the sheets


I ran over one (didn’t hit it, just drove over it) one time. It was months before my car smelled right again.


Obviously your car annoyed it. :upside_down_face:


Yeah, gotta go with @rbtdanforth on this one…I’d likely squirt too if a car drove over me. :rofl:


I had one in my back seat once… drove to Michigan and got to my parents house at about 2am. Opened the back door of the car and started unloading into the house, came back out and there she was… eating from my bag of circus peanuts in the back seat (the orange marshmallow ones). Fortunately she hopped out and waddled down the driveway…no smell !! (It is funny how they waddle when they walk… not like a cat, but like a raccoon or 'possum). Apparently I wasn’t annoying yeaaa


The local County fair has had skunk races at times. 1 skunk vs random kid on a tricycle. Always told: you don’t want to be in second place.


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