Practical cuts

Talk about ugly:

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Here’s a little flashing/debug jig for a circuit board:

I originally made it in acrylic (Flashing jig), then @eflyguy pointed out that acrylic isn’t so friendly to electronics since it can build up static electricity. So I redid it in wood, easy! It was much easier to align the pin holes in acrylic, so it’s good I did that first. I’ll have to remember that next time I’m trying to line things up where I wouldn’t be able to see them otherwise.


Very nice! :grinning:

A link to mine, as I just became aware of this thread.


I would love to have one of those. Any possibility of sharing your file? Or are you selling them?

A meta-practical print. Bed risers that can replace the crumb tray to lift something to honeycomb height or honeycomb height -0.5" or -0.75".

Files in the original post; 1/8" baltic birch (3mm) plywood should “just work” (as well as anything else that is that thickness).


Today’s mini project was a super simple practical cut… I have some S-hooks on a wire rack over my utility sink, from which I hang various items so they can drip dry. But the S-hooks are easy to knock off the rail, and the hardware store doesn’t have an item which has a nice open hook on one end, and a carabiner on the other.

So, I just made a simple shape that friction-fits the top part of the S and keeps it captive on the rail.


I can rotate the part and remove the hook if needed. The fit is VERY tight but the acrylic held up very well to being torqued, which surprised me. I thought those thin spots would break as I rotated the piece.

(The metal is about .304" diameter and the hole in the acrylic is designed at .010" smaller, a value I found through a few test cuts.)


How about meta-practical cuts?

I’m tossing notes on my experiences, including designs (like the bed risers), on GitHub.


Totally counts.

Front rail of a vice-grip clamp rack. The rest is just 3/4” ply cut on a table saw, but the laser was perfect for the precision bit that spaces them nicely.


Cordless drill battery slide, pull the one from the bottom, they all slide down. That way I cycle through them evenly without wearing one down more than the others.


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Simple and boring, but solving an issue. Hooks for the towel rail in the back of the shower to hang back scrubbers, bath sponges, etc. 1/4” PG acrylic (1/8 is too flimsy).


I love this bit of the forum. I intend to hang out here :grin: herheres a couple of corner clamps I threw together. I’ve been wanting some for ages.


Those are outstanding!

They were dead easy to make. They’re a bit fiddly to use so I think a rebuild is in order. It’d be cool if we could create a set of open source wood working tools for the community. (sell them on the side but free to Glowfolk). The press clamps here are like £5 each (which is cheap) but not as a cheap as a sheet of laser ply :smiley: