Pre-Release | A Novice Tries Engraving


Great work! Especially for learning the apps as you go!

I’m pretty good at PhotoShop as I’ve been using it since v4, but Illustrator I’ve only touched here and there over the years. So I’ll have some learning to do when I get my 'forge as well. I’ve got some Illustrator tutorials lined up for that. Also just installed a couple of 3D modeling apps. We’ll see how I do with those… I’m far from a 3D guy.


This is so, so cool @rebecca! I think you might have an advantage with your inexperience - you’re looking at the tools through a new lens. It’s awesome.


Wow this is a very special gift for your friend. Novice or not this looks awesome!






Very nice job!! What are the dimensions?


For some reason this makes me want to go watch Ladyhawke. Very nice!


It’s about 3.5" x 7". :upside_down:


Drew’s cousin works at a nature center. He posed with a real owl for the picture. I think that’s pretty cool.


I’m surprised that you say it took an hour to engrave. Sounds a long time to me!
Do you have a standard or Pro model?


Ian, no Pro models have been released for testing, so this has to be a basic model.


Hello Ian,

I have a pre-release model. I understand that pre-release models are basic models. I have a pro model with filter on order.

If I cut out material (without engraving), the process takes only a few minutes. Print time depends on the size and complexity the project (e.g., number of cuts, amount of scoring, detail of engraving, etc.).

I think there are others on the forum who can explain this in more detail than me. Maybe someone can expand on my novice explanation?


Very cool!
Do you recall the LPI setting?


Fantastic @rebecca please continue with your learnin and playin…I shall follow thee …in learnin…when my GF arrives in…?


Yeah, hoping folks don’t have an unrealistic idea of the Glowforge engraving speed. It’s not fast. But the detail, ease of use, and price are pretty darn good. I’ll deal with the tradeoff.

BTW: My CNC, consumer 3D printers, and a watched pot, are all much slower than we think.


LPI? Hmmmm, I’ll have to look later. I just used the GF settings. I usually don’t manually adjust settings myself (as I am still learning what they all do).


My advice to novices like me, start learning your external software of choice now. All I wanna do is print, but I have to translate my design ideas into a language GF understands first…which takes a long time because I’m just now learning Illustrator and Photoshop.

I, for one, am very excited about the design catalog! I am happy to purchase designs I want to print (especially since now I know how much time and effort really go into creating them). Everything I’ve printed from the GF design catalog has printed perfectly.


Thank goodness for work. (Did I say that aloud?) It gives me something to focus on besides things that I can’t WAIT to laser. Isn’t every grand son a batman fan? So many possibilities, so little wake time. HmmmUploading… Uploading…


Hi @printolaser,

The LPI setting was 340 (the GF auto-setting for engraving at the darkest level).


Thank you. Along with the other user’s examples, the presets are well optimized. :sunglasses: