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please to be calling it the toeforge, so named for the eerie gripping precision some people have with their feet


What sort of system is that? Must be fun to play with.

It’s the first 3D printer I built in 2007 from scratch, which I called HydraRaptor and became famous in the RepRap world because I blogged it all.

The XY table has ball screws and stepper motors with shaft encoders that give 6um steps. I got it on eBay for $400 but it was worth about ten times that. I think it comes from the semiconductor industry.

I first used it to make a very accurate milling machine and used that to make an extruder to make a 3D printer. From there I printed more 3D printers, used those to print parts that I sold all over world. I gave up my day job to make and sell 3D printer kits. Did that for three years and then retired early.


Very cool!

You are like the godfather! Its an honor to be in your presence!


Dr Adrian Bowyer is the man. It is thanks to him I got involved with 3D printers and RepRap is the reason they are now affordable. When I started in 2007 they were about £20K and upwards.


I have been imagining what the last ten years have been like for you, being at the center of this movement. I would like to do a 3D printer or a milling machine, but it’s so hard to focus and choose which path. If there were a maker space in Missouri that advertised a 3D printer workshop where they had all the parts and we could come and assemble and build, I’d love to do the workshop. Once I get my own Glowforge though, I’ll be doing some machine with it. Thanks so much for all your participation. You bring an amazing perspective!