Premium upgrade coupon

I attempted to upgrade to the discounted $14.99 monthly upgrade however, it is asking for a coupon code. I thought that it was supposed to show up automatically, so I don’t have a code???

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Per the announcement: “you only have until November 3, 2020 to activate it.”

A staff member may be able to help you out, but no guarantees.

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I don’t think I’m the only one who missed the deadline on getting premium for $15 instead of $50 as I’m new to Glowforge and work 60 hours a week. Can someone help me out with a code for the $15 a month?


You’re going to want to either send an email to or open a post in Problems & Support here (one or the other, not both). In this case, since you’re dealing with personal account information I imagine an email would make more sense.

It’s a brand new program so no idea if they can help!

By any chance did you hear anything about this I also missed the deadline

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Will new owners have the option to get premium at the discounted price? I ordered mine in October but it’s not due for delivery for about 2 more weeks.

I ordered my Glowforge 10/28. Would have loved to taken advantage of this discounted offer but my machine hasn’t even shipped yet. Is there an option for situations like mine to be eligible for this discounted offer since missing the option was created by the lack of shipping from the company Glowforge?

To all the folks who ordered in October…yes, I believe there is a discount option for you if I understood what Dan said correctly. You will need to send an individual email to and tell them that you ordered in October, but did not yet receive your machine. (And you might have to have access to the machine to apply the code, so it might take them a while to get it set up for you. Just go on record that you want to sign up for Premium and would like the Early Legacy discount for ordering before October 31st.)

Then be patient, because those in a transition period can fall through the cracks…if so, just notify them again later, after you have your machine. They will know your order date, and will know that you qualified.

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