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Good evening everybody! Can anyone give me suggestions on what to set my print for when cutting plywood 1/8? i think that is the right thickness, the thicker of 1/4 and 1/8. Thank you in advance.

Try medium Proofgrade walnut plywood settings if it is 1/8". 1/4 is thicker than 1/8, so it is 1/4 use Thick walnut plywood settings.

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I moved this to beyond the manual where we can freely discuss non-proof grade materials and settings.

Begin with selecting a Glowforge preset material for a thinplywood. Then manually adjust as needed or switch to thick and go up or down.

Plywood is so difficult to design for since there are so many formulations. It is notorious for having pockets of resistance that are immune to the laser.

Test and test again on a small section. But it is always good to start with Proofgrade settings and work from there.


Thank you soo much.

Thank you so much.

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Check out #6:

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Hey guys, I have another question. I saw in the section in GF where it says that a .5 can be engraved if trey is removed. Which settings should be used to cut something that size or is that possible?

You can engrave something up to 2 inches, but the surface to be engraved must be in the 1/2" focus range of the lens. You can engrave things that are 1/2" or less without removing the honeycomb tray. Things thicker than 1/2" require that the tray is removed.

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You’re very probably not going to be able to cut through something 1/2" thick.

1/4" thick wood or acrylic is about as much as a 40/45W laser like yours can cut through.

Thank you again.


I’m going to qualify that with “without a really wide cut” - you absolutely can, especially if you’re able to flip the piece you’re cutting over and cut from the backside, but you’re going to end up with a line that’s really really wide, and it’s going to take repeated attempts, and it’s way more efficient to use a saw…but it is doable presuming your material can be cut through (there are quite a few plywoods that use glue that is impermeable to lasers)

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Actually, I have cut thru 1/2” red oak. There is a thread for it. Look for red oak. It’s an older thread.