Pro Crumb Tray

We got our machine today! Yay!

Immediate question: can a pro run without the crumb tray? I recall when buying they said “no” but I can’t find any info.

The ridiculous part is now that it’s here we can’t seem to decide what to make first…


Yes, but you need to use the tray when feeding anything through the Passthrough slot.


They all can.




You have to play with things with the crumb tray out since you are still limited to that 1/2 inch from laser. So remove the tray for the 2 inch stuff.

TIP for PRO.
When tray is removed for cleaning or front gap guard is removed for cleaning, make sure the tray does not jam on the guard when front door is closed.
I usually leave the guard slightly loose until I see it all aligned, then tighten the screws on the guard (since it is slightly moveable, whereas the tray should always seat in only one spot).


A good Idea is to start learning what to expect and making tools to make other things.
You will need some honeycomb bed pins

I designed these and made many as having spare rulers is always nice…

but there are many links here also…

This is also handy to know about…

I’m sure others will have suggestions as well

Oh and this is a pain to set up the first time but will give a good standard candle to how any non proofgrade wood will cut and engrave without using too much of that wood. I keep a box of these as reference for every new type of wood I use.


Thanks to you and also to @brokendrum for the tips.

Mine never got reinstalled :smiley:


OK, more specific question.

In the tech specs it says:


  • Maximum material depth: 18" (455 mm) for Basic and Plus; unlimited for Pro
  • Maximum material width: 20″ (515 mm)
  • Cutting area: aprox. 11″ (279 mm) deep and 19.5″ (495 mm) wide
  • Maximum material height: 2″ (50mm)
  • Maximum material height with tray: 0.5″ (13mm)

Is this information consistent for all models (aside from the noted pass-through dimension) ? I recall (am I crazy) this being different between models a long time ago. Did it get conformed along the way?


Yes. And please note the use of the word “approximately”. That is rounded up, the actual cutting area of my bed is 19.475" x 10.975".

That’s the cutting area. The engraving area will be significantly smaller depending on how fast you are engraving, so keep that in mind. (The head needs to slow down at the sides during the engraving motion.)


This is the most current information. At one point before release, the expected cutting area was different, but I specifically remember @dan sending out an email about it. I don’t remember the cutting area being different between models, other than the Pro has the passthrough, so the “depth” is not really limited, as long as you can accurately align the cuts.

The cutting area has increased slightly over time as they’ve improve acceleration calculations in the motion planner.

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I missed that email, but the effective result is a happy me. Thanks @jbpa and @Jules.

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Having just tested the actual cutting area in PG maple ply I get 10.8 x 19,4

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