Problem with cut area

This is my first time I trace from print paper. After trace I can see engrave to set up and then I can’t find cut. What did I do? I have download inkscape and have not work or draw on inkscape yet. Here is picture

I am still learn.

You can draw a rectangle and trace that and make it a cut and place it around the engraving. Click the plus sign “Add Artwork”. You could even draw it on top of the masking of the Proofgrade. Also you could save the following SVG and add it to the above design and use the shape you want. Right click and save as. Then Add artwork. You can rotate the shape to get it horizontal and you can resize it. It will be a vector cut.



Also, if you want to cut that figure along the perimeter, while you are tracing you need to click just outside the figure. That will create a cut line to go along with your engraving.


thanks for reply. I mean to cut outline on eagle, not square, circle or any object.


Here is a tutorial that explains how to use the Trace tool:


I got it . Now I can see engrave and cut area.

Thanks, Jules

David .