Problems with Illustrator exporting SVG

Guys, not sure where the best place to put this is, so I though I’d start here.

I’ve put together a sign to be cut in acrylic, but the main shape doesnt seem to appear in the SVG. I can save as a PDF and import that, but then the size is all wrong.

Any idea what I can do to get the SVG to play ball?

I’m adding the various files if someone can help. Basically, the outside of the heart is cut, apart from the lower ‘V’ portion which will be scored. The vertical parts drop into one of those LED bases. Font and text come fine, just not the heart shape (either section) in the SVG.

Any help appreciated

ToriTori.pdf (815.3 KB) (1.6 MB)

In Illustrator my previous version allowed ‘save as’ SVG. When i upgrade it wouldn’t work.

The after research I found it you ‘export as’ SVG then the file worked. Hope this helps

okay, that looks better. The size looks a bit out, but I’m a mm person… Let me do a test cut.



The official Glowforge recommendation is to use Save As.

You need to save with these settings:

from illustrator, you also have two other options to use to get files into the GFUI. one is to simply copy and paste. no need to create a separate file. the other is to use PDF. i rarely use SVGs any more, either copy/paste or PDF.

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I did a little bit of clean-up on the AI file itself. You had some stray points. A lot of the heart wasn’t connected (I connected just to make it a continuous cut)… but when saving it as SVG, got a dialog box saying : the following items could not be exported properly - transforms are expanded.

It seems like something in the original design was transformed and it doesn’t want to export it correctly. I can see a transform ID in the SVG code but even redrawing elements etc doesn’t seem to get rid of the error - or copying to a new doc and trying to save.

Update: @info10 So deleting the main heart element got rid of the error.

I redid your heart element and it saved just fine. Something in the way that was designed originally ticked off the SVG process. (21.4 KB)


Thanks, I got so far with the export and I’ll give it a cut this evening to see how it turns out…


so it turned out okay, although too small in the heart shape! So my wife tells me. So I’ll enlarge that today and have another cut tonight.

Thanks for all the help guys

Save as doesn’t work for me. I’ll send a note to Adobe on That!