Product tags? Anyone do this?

Hey everyone,

I am in the stages of building clothing brand and curious to see if anyone has use there glowforge to make product tags? I am looking to make a 2’’ by 3’’ rectangle style hang tags to attach to hats for sale. Thinking of using paper or some type of material that would be cost effective yet eye catching.

Has anyone used cardstock or anything? I am only a few weeks into this machine so haven’t gotten up to speed on all the materials and capabilities?

Thank you for any answered questions or advice!


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I am not sure I would use my :glowforge: to make tags like that. I would be concerned the charred edge of the paper/cardstock could leave marks on the clothes…

I am not saying it cannot be done. I just don’t know that I personally would try.

(My wife also has a Cricut, so I would use that for this case.)


Hi. Many people have tried and have posted about cutting engraving cardstock, myself included. If you type the word cardstock into the search bar, it should bring up many posts about it. Here’s one to get you started

Best of luck and be sure to show us what you make.


I’ve made cards to hold earrings and never noticed any problem with char. I’ve also engraved on cardstock with great results.

I have cut cardstock and noticed charring. I was probably using to much power, even though I was trying to barely cut through.

The material itself probably matters as much as the settings.


cardstock is great.
I have also made earring holder cards. I decided that engraving my logo was taking too long, so I picked up a little hand-held embossing tool to use instead. In theory I could make my own inserts for it, but I still haven’t ordered any delrin.


Personal opinion: card stock tags are pretty cheap to buy and GF time less so.

Unless you’re doing super short runs or extremely fancy shapes use your awesome GF to cut more interesting tags out of something like thin wood veneers or a cool (laser friendly) Mylar/plastic to set your product apart from others.

Also, agree with @Xabbess that char on card stock is negligible/no-issue.


I’ll add that I use cardstock for my stuff, detailed in this post:


I think this is a great area for print and cut. And… subsequently, Snapmarks… :slight_smile:

But, there are some ways to do it without Snapmarks. Print a boundary, trim it to that boundary, then score the boundary, and you know where it’s going to cut. Probably best to build in a small bleed though.

I could have probably set these up to cut on the vinyl cutter that I use to trim prints, but honestly, I suck at using the thing so it was easier just to set it up on the laser.

This is the same paper that I use for my puzzles, so it’s 10.5 mil, but forgot the actual weight. Pretty heavy paper.


Whelp, I must be tired, because it took me a full minute to realize that odd strawberry on the wood engrave is a prickly pear! I was just enjoying how cool it looked :grin:


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