Proof Grade (SOLD OUT) too often

Hmm yeah I should go look. They just be glue ups? Let’s see.

Well it’s hard to say since most of the shop is disabled. I found a page for maple plywood but it was crippled and I couldn’t get specifics. Gonna have to wait until they come back

Or if you look at their reviews you can click on the image and it usually shows you the listing, but it would be unavailable for purchase.

just to clarify, we’re talking plywood here, not hardwood, correct? that’s what I see in their reviews.

Sorry, yes it’s unfinished walnut plywood. It doesn’t look like plywood, especially after it’s stained.

I’ve had to buy acrylic from Amazon (only 12"x12" available) for much of my EarSavers production. I’m up to about 1800 cut, though a couple of hundred were cut from left-over hardwood and hardwood-plywood and about 700 from Proofgrade acrylic. People love the wooden ones, but I’ve furnished lots of acrylic ones to clinics.

Acrylic from Amazon costs about 75% more than Proofgrade, based on area. It cuts fine.

I. too, hope for improved Proofgrade supply availability!

Try one of the other online plastics folks - estreetplastics, BF Plastics or even Grainger.

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The next time I’m ready to order, I will check your suggestions.


I found green edge clear acrylic at Home Depot to make the last of 600 plus ear savers. Not that bad of price. Outside of mercy 12 furnace filters sewing masks equal or better than N95.