Purchased masking isn't tacky enough

I use contact paper. Works well with engraving and cutting.

make sure you know what the composition of that contact paper is. the transfer paper is definitely laser safe. but not all contact paper will be.

If you can use a squeege it really helps more than credit cards as they are stiffer, however in a bind two credit cards painters taped together can get you there and the tape will protect both the cards and the surfaces a little better.
Also the call out for the tape and adhesive are fairly accurate for any type of transfer tape, vinyl, or adhesive that is pressure activated. Think of it as little bubbles of glue, once the bubble is popped with pressure and smoothed out it tacks and grabs hold.

If you can get this trick into your habit of applying any adhesive it will help create a cleaner and stronger bond since there will be less contaminants stopping the bond. Just wipe on well and let dry then apply.

Those things are life savers, especially for removal of stuck on vinyls and tapes!

Also for side notes since I’m on a kick of things, if you’re applying any type of foil, vinyl, clear tape, or smooth surface you would like to prevent scratches in, use felt wrapped or leather wrapped squeeges that are slightly damp.

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