Putting GF on smart outlet?

a very small piece of white medical tape will fix that issue. i have the same issue w/the LED light on the TV in our bedroom. it glows red when the TV is off (who does that?). a very small piece of electrical tape later, issue gone.

I’m currently on Samsung Smart Things (and not super happy with it). My ex wife had to have something ‘simple’ and this fit the bill.

I have used MiCasaVerde in the past as well as openhab. Openhab is my favorite (as i’m a tinkerer) but the UI wasn’t ‘pretty’ enough for the ex. Now that the matter is settled; I’ll likely migrate back to Openhab.

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Has anyone had issues having their GF plugged in to a Smart outlet?
I ask as a work of caution. Just now while running a file my iDevices plug randomly shutdown my Glowforge just a few minutes after I started it. I can’t be sure if it was the plug or Amazon echo that turned it off but it was annoying either way.
It was nice being able to monitor my power usage and start the machine remotely so that it calibrated by the time I arrived.
I’m not sure I want the chance of losing some material and time due to a bug though.

Check the maximum amperage rating for the smart plug. Many of the ones I’ve seen max out at “appliance levels” (ie.- desk lamps) which is around 10A maximum draw. The FAQ claims 800W peak draw, which is generally about (800 Watt / 120 V = 6.67 A) so it should be okay…

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iDevices website says it should be good for up to 15 A/1800 W

smart plug demands

I don’t think that’s the problem. More likely a software bug on the plug or Echo. Maybe something about how they communicate.

That is for a purely resistive load. Note that it’s lower (600W) for tungsten bulbs. And it’s only rated for 1/2 hp motor load, which is 374W. The switching power supply is definitely not purely resistive.

Most of these controls use solid state switches (Triacs or similar). I would think you’d want a switch that uses a relay instead. Such devices do not appear to be very common.