Quality Materials Suppliers List for Australia?


I’m a long-time lurker, first time poster, based in Australia. :upside_down_face:
I have at long last received the first shipping email, confirming my order is about to be filled.
Placed my order on Oct 23, 2015. Fingers crossed my Glowforge will arrive this month, maybe even before the 4 years milestone!

The Glowforge Shop is not yet shipping to international customers, but I want to stock up on materials now, in preparation for my big box arriving…

I’ve been searching the forums, but not found a singular thread relating to alternative suppliers of materials, specific to Australian customers of Glowforge. (Perhaps there is one already, I’m still feeling my way forward with the community forums.)

Can anyone offer a link to an existing topic thread?
I saw that @Robbie did post a link to a spreadsheet back in 2015, but that link is now redundant.

I’ve also seen reference to a Facebook closed group for Australian Glowforge users.
As an avowed non-Facebook user, I cannot access that resource.

Hoping fellow Australian Glowforge users may be able to reach out here, to offer guidance to me and to future new chums. Where should we be looking, to source proofgrade equivalent materials, in metric sizes?

I’m on the West Coast.


I’m not “down under” but have a thought - do you have any “specialist” woodworking shops? A couple of YouTube channels I follow are from AUS.

I use mostly PG materials, but also a large amount of Baltic Birch plywood that I get from a local woodworking supply store.

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Fair dinkum mate. We are brethren on opposite sides of the planet.
Welcome to the community!


Lasers are rather new on the scene but scroll saws are not, so if you go looking for scroll saw project wood you can find sources all over.


Cheers Mate!

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A very sensible suggestion, thank you. I’ll do some research, and share any good leads I discover.

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Some Australian suggestions:



Bunnings :grinning:

Good leads, all appreciated!

I’ve been doing a bit of research. So far -

I found a laser wood supplier for plywoods and bamboo, located in Vic.
Birch, Hoop Pine, Radiata Pine, European Poplar, Beech, Fijian Cedar, natural and “carbonised” dark Bamboo, QLD Walnut, Tassie Sassafras, Jarrah.

Australian Sheet Traders appear to have a good range of acrylic sheets and plastics. (Not all will be CO2 suitable). Vic, NSW, QLD distribution centres.

Yates Woods for Veneer timbers, local species and imported exotics. NSW based.

Rowmark Australia has a large range of CO2 laserable laminate engravables, typically used for signage applications. Looks to be some interesting 2 & 3ply colour combos there. NSW based.


@Tex99 I just stumbled onto this earlier post here:

which lists a few more potential Australia based materials suppliers. Thanks Tex99

Hey, me too! :wave:

I’ve just ordered a bunch of different leathers, from a few places I stumbled across online.

I’ve tried the yellow vegetable tanned kangaroo leather from here, and it cut and engraved wonderfully:

Ordered some veg tanned scraps from here, but not yet tested:

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Lol, Austanners is “local” … in that they’re on one side of Geelong, we’re on the other… and we have a few pieces of leather from there… mostly good stuff, the backs can be a little rougher/fluffier than others… (mostly cow, no issues with the kangaroo)


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