Question - Seashell engrave/etch

While ago I saw somebody`s engarved/etch on seashells, but I can find it now. Any idea of a settings I can try?

but no settings on either…

Ooh - here is a suggestion to use stone or glass settings which you can definitely find guidelines for by searching:


Try searching for shells…

Thank you so much! I will definitely will try it.

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I did, but there is not much info. I live by the ocean and there are all kind of seashells just laying around, thought to give it a try. I definitely will try and will see…Im just guessing that the smell gonna be something else lol

I used Thick Glass Acrylic settings. I think I have to play around little bit more, but not too bad for a first time.


Basically seashells are mineral. Use the same settings you would for tile or stone and you’ll generally be ok. It’s a pretty forgiving material type.

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I will try that, thank you

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