Reality Check


You Madam, have a clarity that eludes most of us. A stark focus of your mortality that causes all the details to fall away. All of this petty emotional turmoil over a thing must make you wonder what’s wrong with us. :no_mouth:
We are blind Aunti, we live our lives as if all of time were ours to dispose of.

Enjoy your Holidays Aunti! :ribbon:


Great to hear from you, AuntiMame, and thanks for the wonderful thoughts, @printolaser!


Well said! If I can’t make ornaments with my :glowforge: I’ll make Lebkuchen…

Show and Tell


They look great!

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Love the carved timbers round that top window. Ahh the good old days, when craftsmen …Sorry, nearly started on one there.

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Haha thanks! Unfortunately the last owners painted everything this ugly sea green color that doesn’t match the house at all. That finish work you see on the gable is common in this neighborhood, and many houses have stripped and repainted it with historic colors; they look amazing. Really hoping to do that next year.


There are some of those in Denver that have painted all the wonderful detail in contrasting color, and are stunning!


I must agree, shake it off. We all fail, we all deserve second or thirds chances. We are dreamers and builders. We know what it means to try again, and again, to make it just right, just perfect. One more detail, looking for the balance of it all. Put yourself in Dan’s shoes. He is always present, always accountable, always straight forward.


Exactly! We are crafters, we make ideas manifest. That path is full of mistakes, education and - joy.
Most often, failure is a requisite to success. :sunglasses:

Failure leads to understanding. Understanding failure leads to success. - unknown


I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work. - Edison


Yes agree wholeheartedly!!!

I live in Southern California and literally just past a tent city of 100 or more make shift homes along the riverbed by Anaheim Stadium.

Humbled and grateful for not just a roof over my head, but all the things I take for granted!!!

Life is tough for many! Being able to splurge on something as extravagant as a home desktop laser is very special and we should try to observe it as such. It not arriving exactly when we wanted or expected it to - well we are definitely not living in a tent.

I am Grateful.


So, I’ve been out of town since early last Friday a.m. What have I missed?


In high school (the 80s) I was lucky enough to do the 2-week trip to Germany. One week we lived with a family. Mine owned a Mercedes dealership. The father brought home a new car each night and then drove the one from the night prior back to the dealership. The mother, wonderful woman and great cook but a bit flighty, had a different car everyday. She always brought one of her children with whenever she went somewhere because she couldn’t remember which car was hers.

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The new announcement of shipping delay, and a lot of unhappy people voicing their frustration/anger.

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Oh, I thought he was just cracking a joke!


He probably was, I’m just naive…


No, left home early Friday a.m. and arrived back late Sunday night. I don’t follow the forum when I only have my iphone. Sorry I missed all the fun. I very often find myself on the “wrong side of the law” with my opinions on delivery, progress reports, etc.

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