Removing Contact Paper From GlowForge Materials


Just wondering if anyone has found any methods to best remove the contact paper from the Proof Grade Wood Materials after cutting is complete. Ive tried a few types of tapes to hopefully peal it right off, but nothing has worked… The designs I create are pretty intricate and have a lot of small cut outs after engraving etc. and it takes HOURS to remove all the little tiny pieces by hand. Looking for a trick to speed up this process!

Thanks in advance!

We use gorilla duct tape and a vinyl sign application tool.


There have been lots of posts about weeding if you use the search function. Plastic razor blades and Gorilla tape are my go to choices.


Thank you both! @ssincity & @dklgood I was thinking Gorilla Tape/ Duct Tape might be sticky enough. I’ll give that a shot! I tried searching, but must have been in the wrong area of the forums. much appreciated for the quick reply!

Your welcome. If you do not have a squeegee/application tool then a credit card works in a pinch. For us the key is to make sure the tape is given lots of even pressure over the area that your trying to remove.

@PrintToLaser has recommended pulling the masking first, then soaking in alcohol several times. You might try that


I have settled on ammonia, it’s a lot quicker.


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