"Reverse" Engraving Help

How do I get the Glowforge NOT to engrave the black part? I want the Black part to be untouched wood and the white part to be engraved? Any suggestions? Screenshot of my file is attached

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Assuming it’s a bitmap, I would open it in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program- a multi-platform free and open source software image editor) and use the invert color tool, as described in this tutorial https://youtu.be/nX6Pc8YjFLA.


@BrianDixon is 100% correct, if this is a raster image an editor like gimp or photoshop is the most powerful way to get this done. If you are unable to install a editor or are otherwise not very savvy with image editing there are simple one off tools to help.

Pine tools has an amazing array of small helper widgets. Here’s one for inverting colors.

Pine tools, previously.

If this is a vector image then it’s a bit more complex but not too difficult there either. Just let us know.


Like this?


Exactly as described above. Use an image editing application like Gimp and invert the colors.

You’ll need to be working with a higher resolution image than the one you posted to get an acceptable engrave, unless you’re printing these around 1" or so.

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