Ritchey Cattle Ear Tags

Can anyone share the settings you use to engrave a Ritchey Cattle Tag? They are 3 layered polyurethane pre cut tags.

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Hi there and WELCOME!, there was a whole discussion about this like 6 months ago, take a gander:

Hi! Thank you. I read through the comments and didn’t find any that answered my question. I need to know/find out what settings work best to engrave the tags properly.

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Hmm, i thought that was discussed, I would try a lower setting (thin acrylic)
I would take a tag, as a sacrificial test tag, and try settings on that till you get one you like
its not an exact science, since if you have a pro its stronger then a plus or basic.

good luck, and please post your results!



Welcome to the forum.

When using non Proofgrade material the best way to determine proper settings is to do some tests - after you are absolutely sure that the material is laser safe. Since you are new, you may not know where to start, so the thread you read suggested low power. Try a small test with 1000 speed and power of 30. If the top layer melts, reduce power to 20 and so on until you get an engraved area without melt. You can then run a second pass at the same or lower power to see if that improves the look or makes it worse. Watch the engrave closely and cancel the print immediately if you see excessive melting or flames.


Glowforge Settings.xlsx (393.9 KB)
this file has everything I have accumulated, you might find a place to start.

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I’m late to this discussion. I have a FFA person who shows cattle. I’ll have to talk to her about this. Would be neat to see what her needs are for tagging. She has same fine stock. Keeps her show steers in the air conditioning for that fine furry look. I am always impressed by the initiative of 4H and FFA.


Hi, Curious to know if you had any luck? We want to try a few tags for a friends show steers. I only have just enough for them though so none to test on.

Hi! I’m not 100% satisfied with my results but I’ve been using blue painters tape to prevent smearing. I use 1150 speed, 75 power, 270 lines per inch, vary power set at 60, and 2 passes. I also use red medium acrylic as my material. I’m not sure how to post a picture to show you what I’ve done.

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