Rowmark acrylic

I have some Acrylic, Rowmark brushed silver on black, bronze on black and brushed gold on black. .02" wide. I am at a loss. I have tried many settings but nothing is working to engrave well or cut through. Has anyone worked with this material and can you give me some guidance.

This post is about Inventables 2 color, but may help: Sometimes, life really is Black and white

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I have only used the 1/16" engraver’s plastic from rowmark. If the top color is the same thickness (and I don’t know if it is) you should be able to use similar engrave settings. I’ve had good luck (on the 1/16" [ 0.062"] ) with 1000 speed/10 power/ 270 LPI

for cutting through, I would try the thick proofgrade acylic settings, and adjust from there.


I usually use the 0.060 for earrings and such but have also used the 0.020.
These are saved in the UI as .02 Engrave // Score //cut and also 0.060. Which is nice because when that material is submitted they show up in the UI list.
If nothing else, these should get you into a ballpark area. I have seen some 0.020 acrylic that the engrave seemed very heavy, but I think that is because of different materials//thickness variation than the actual numbers being wrong, and also, because if the thin stuff is not held down well, it tends to bow from the heat…
As always, test on a small chunk before committing to a large design.

1/16 Acrylic + 2 Color - (0.060)
Engrave 1000/60 @195 (0.060)
Score 300/15 (0.060)
Cut 225/100 (0.060) (note: cannot go lower than 100 and some colors like teal or red resist cut and need 225/full)

1/32 Acrylic + 2 Color - (0.020)
Engrave 1000/40
Score 300/15
Cut 300/100


so im new at this what does it mean1000/40

Speed 1000 power 40

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thank you again, Im going to try that.

You may also see some Lines_Per_Inch (LPI) parameters mentioned at times and are usually called like @195, as seen in the first parameter.
If someone has listed an LPI that works well for the mentioned project, changing it would require experimentation to see if it modifies the overall look when done.

As a rule of thumb, a higher LPI may make the engrave crisper looking while sacrificing time, but in this listing it was showing that even at low LPI (fast engraving) the numbers would work fine.

Happy trails on your projects.

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Thank you for responding, this helps!