Sand Blasting

I use aluminum oxide and get really nice results. I also have a Harbor Freight setup with blasting cabinet (table top unit with a mod to continuous feed return grit and filter the used) plus a standup compressor. It takes a LOT of air for continuous blasting, so I needed a big tank. Then, I needed to get an air cleaner to pull the grit out of the air in the cabinet so I could see. Before long, it looked like I was down the rabbit hole, but the results can be nice.

Laser etching became so much easier and cleaner, so haven’t used the cabinet in a while. I still have to use it for larger work.


I fell down the same rabbit hole. Bought a professional blasting pen from SCM and loved it…and then GF caught my attention. Now I have both! Using the GF far more than the blasting pen but still use it sometimes to do stencil work etc.
Was wondering if my dust collector unit might work for GF rather that waiting for the add-on filter sometime in November. Any thoughts on this?

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The GF filter is designed to remove the majority of airborne contaminants that a GF produces, not just particulate matter. Your dust collector might only handle the larger particles, so not a 1:1 swap. If you want to be able to use the GF inside without venting outside, the GF filter is probably the safest option between the two.


the air compressor I got is 110v and 175 PSI max. there is only 1 air tool it will not provide enough Air for, and I have no plans to ever get a dual action sander that large :wink:

I have done a LOT of sand blasting(think a whole lot of my 1970 Firebird). Without a cabinet you will want large tarps to help you recycle your blast media. and you will need a good respirator.

in a nutshell you can never have too much air compressor :wink:


What lasersafe masking stencil material are you using?

I second that question! :slight_smile: