Schedule update (December '16)

A lot of us do, because we have seen the progress. It’s not something that is ever going to have a date set in stone.

But it’s also not something that you can convince someone to follow through to actual delivery. That has to be decided by the individual, because everyone’s circumstances are different.

None of the dates that have ever been given have been firm, they’ve always been target dates. And those can slip.


Just my opinion…
I would speculate that Glowforge is going to impact the hobby laser market much the same way Tesla has been a catalyst in the automobile industry. Every major manufacturer has an electric vehicle in the pipe now.
Imitation of the innovations in Glowforge are already materializing, the main reason Dan has been so guarded with information about them, understandably.

Bringing a new product out of the hole is a role of the dice. The Venture capitalists really like the odds, so do I.
The people close to Elon Musk say he is too optimistic on his timelines, has frequently failed to meet them, and has been slow to make a profit - which has led to speculation in articles that Tesla will fail.
Seems Dan is in good company. :wink:

Elon Musk biography


… and overcome by identifying and promoting “champions” from the user groups to “cheerlead” and be a “point of contact” for users. GF should do something like that …

“I’ll just get my coat”.


I am not sure they will make you a Beta Tester that easily!


But does it have a laser cutter…?


Which one, the one that was available on the glowforge site until (I assume) recently as mentioned in Free Official Glowforge Designs? ?


Yes and even $22 a person with about 10,000 people to reach that kind of capital still amounts to $220,000 with another hundred thousand or so with what they have raised after their record breaking 30 day crowd funding.

Forgive my initial miscalculation but it doesn’t really matter. I’m upset that after four days I have heard nothing regarding my cancellation. If you really want to get smart on miscalculations, we should be discussing this company’s inability to realize they need until July 2017 to ship when they should be applying shipping labels.

22*10000=220,000. Not even close to 300k

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Haha my bad. I did two calculations based on the 30 days and what they have raised now in total. Either way hundreds of thousands of dollars and I can’t even get a response to a cancellation request sent four days ago.

Ha yeah, the math was a bit off. However, the order count was closer to 15k before the delay annoucement, so it could be closer to that number in reality.

just curious, @jamieface, when you check you account status does it show that your order was canceled?

Be sure to email if you still need help.

edit: just saw the other post.

hahaha! Not yet! wink wink!

Although I think the Glowforge is too big to fit in the camper… boo…

I think you’re gonna need a bigger camper.

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I think a lot depends on your perspective. Glowforge hasn’t done anything that I think of as suspicious or untrustworthy. They haven’t done everything how I would prefer, but I’m not worried that I’ll never get a glowforge or a refund. And I’m definitely not worried it’s a scam. I actually have a hard time understanding why others feel it is or might be.

How they’ve treated us reassures me, rather than worries me. It has been 15 months since I ordered, but only 3 months from when I was hoping to have a glowforge in my house. Other people came in with completely different expectations and completely different financial obligations and completely different needs. I think all of that impacts how people are dealing with (and feeling about) the delays.


Maybe!!! I’m interesting in one of those Prevost! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Hi Dan and Team,
It’s a shame that the delays are happening, must be hard all around. I’m hanging tight; fortunately I don’t have a business need hanging on my Glowforge, so it’s just a delay in fun, which I’d be silly to complain about. I’ll take you at your word that the product quality is the primary driver here, and so the delay will mean a better experience than it comes.
Fingers are crossed for you, and us. Looking forward to getting it when I do.


Dude, I think I love you!


I’m with ya, Jac. Delays are just delays. I’m not worried. I’ll still consider it money well-spent when I get this delightful device.

Cheers to you, Jac! Live long and prosper!

  • Tom

Does anybody know if there were many cancellations after the last status update? I was expecting loads of people writing on CAPS LOCK saying how they are canceling.

I just hope its worth its waiting gold! I have confidence, but I’m scared of a “we let you down” email again