Scrap Ideas?

And then there are the tiny pieces that fall out of intricate designs. I have this bunch of little curlicues that have been sitting on my GF for 6 months now. I had just about gotten myself to the point of tossing them into the trash when a few of them magically rearranged themselves into a shape that sparked design ideas in my brain, and now I have to let them stay there for a while longer in case they have any more things to show me. sigh


I think it likely those graceful bits could find a home as an embellishment on a wide variety of projects!

I have found myself fiddling with a pile of matching remnants looking for inspiration in the chaos.


how about a horoscope clock?


if you took a scroll saw to most of these you would have a canister of small stuff and some sticks and a few rulers. :grin: Storing mostly air takes up far more room!

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Fire fodder :grin:


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