Settings for cutting corrugated cardboard, box

The drop spindles I make must be glued. They can’t be taken apart for flat shipping. To protect against having them crushed during shipment, I created cardboard spacers that fit in the clear plastic box. They keep the spindle in place, and allow for fiber to be shipped along with the spindle. It’s a nice way to present an object to the purchaser.

Being the person who uses what’s at hand, I used a shipping box from amazon. The cardboard is .11" thick. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t mask before I made my cuts. I’m glad I didn’t because it wasn’t needed. The pieces came out very clean with no smoke residue.

Speed: 200
Power: 55
Unit: GF Plus

The center piece has a hole just larger than the spindle shaft. The top and bottom pieces just have an “X” cut, since it’s not necessary or desirable for the ends to protrude. I did want them locked in place, though.


Excellent recycling. Thanks for the settings that work for you.


I don’t think their boxes are all identical. I use 160/60 on Amazon boxes - that’s substantially slower than your settings.

You are right; the next one I did was a different quality. The first one was fast and clean, and the 2nd had to be discarded. Same thickness, but as a graphic designer, I’m sensitive to texture, flex, weight of different papers.

I used a different cardboard for the jig I needed since it needed to be cut cleanly. This stuff is thicker than I need, but I have lots of it. At least it will be repeatable.

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I’ve been using 180/60 with the uncertified set at .15 (and then set focus) for coming on 3 years and it’s always worked perfectly on Amazon boxes. I cut living hinges in cardboard with nary a flare.

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