Settlers of Catan board game?

I was just wondering if and when we were going to get that cause i bought all the colored wood for it and thats one of the reasons i got a glowforge actually love the game and love that design.
i haven’t been on hear since i got my glowforge actually hah so if this has been discussed al;ready please direct me thank you for your time
love proud glowforge owner


Glowforge published their version here:

Also, you might want to see what other glowfolk have made with it:


Thanks a million times over i love ya man haha YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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next question the leather satchel/ laptop bag any news on that?

Dan did a little write up of his process, but hasn’t put up an svg:

He hinted that they’ll have it in the catalog at some point though because it makes a cameo in the video.

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thanks again

have they talked about selling the proofgreade material tape yet for our own material?

Not that I’m aware of. I kinda doubt it actually since it’s part of what makes Proofgrade Proofgrade, but who knows?

There are several discussions about available masking from other sources, however. 582U is a popular choice. I’ve used this stuff:

1 Roll 12in x 300ft Application / Transfer Tape, GreenStar Classic Adhesive - Vinyl Cutter Signs

And I like it, but a couple of people on the boards complain that it doesn’t stick for them. I haven’t had that problem, though I think the adhesive is pressure sensitive so I use a putty knife to squeegy it down. It sticks better to the front of leather than to rough sanded Baltic Birch.


what does it mean by sorry bitmap can only be engraved i traced a straight line on the proofgrade and it wont let me cut it WHY? they need to add a tool ribbon so that we can make simple shapes and get to chose to cut or engrave them

You can add vector cut lines using the Trace function.


thanks ill try this next time i did a solid black line and it wouldn’t let me cut it only engrave it and i just took a pair of scissors and hacked away at the material

It’s worth noting that the Catan board has a couple of conversion errors for the ports… 2:1 instead of 3:1 (I think).


i tried to download the settlers of catan onto the upload button but it keeps giving me an error @dan